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The Lion Academy of International Studies is built on the philosophy that participation in an educational abroad experience will greatly enhance the personal and professional achievements of our fellow Thai students.

We will help you identify your educational needs and requirements, taking into account your academic achievements and goals. We will ensure you will always be provided with accurate and sufficient information in order to achieve your aspirations.

Our passion in education is the driving force in helping you believe in your future. We are a small team of dedicated experts helping students on the first steps of their educational journey. We carefully tailor the university selection process to match your personal and unique needs and capabilities. Our Consultants will ensue you receive the personal touch.

Our commitment is to work with every candidate to offer the bountiful opportunities available in a global arena and, to help enroll them in world class universities and centres of educational excellence. We do this by utilising our strong and proven relationships with major Universities and Language Schools in countries across the globe including the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and many more.

We mentor our students throughout their journey for educational abroad experience and teach the important aspects of necessary requirements to attend these World Class Universities and, assist in the relocation to their new environment. We maintain consistent and positive support whilst our students are preparing themselves here in Thailand and follow them as they pursue their journey of living and succeeding abroad. Our students serve as ambassadors of our great nation as they live and study abroad.


You will be guided every step by our professional team, who have the knowledge to help you along your journey with a friendly and seamless service.

      • We will use our best endeavours to ensure that the services meet student’s education plan.
      • We will provide the services with care and integrity.
      • We will use our best endeavours to ensure that the services meet a timeline set up to create a commitment to achieve student’s goal

As part of The Lion Academy, you will benefit from:

      • No hidden costs
      • Free counselling service
      • Full analyses of your needs and to make them happen
      • Accuracy and honesty
      • A proactive and efficient service
      • Free, friendly and fun service with a smile


The Lion Academy has been founded to provide our students with the proper inspiration and motivational tools to help them achieve success. We will always lead by example. We believe that personal integrity and tenacity should be a core value of our organisation and will consistently share these beliefs with our students. Today we live in more and more of a global arena. We believe our fellow Thai citizen will continue to increase their successful participation in this arena and our young people can help lead the way.

The Lion Academy is here to help make this happen.



Our mission is to help ensure that students are wisely advised and inspired in shaping the future of their education with the highest quality of service. Our goal is to guide our students on a successful educational journey, as well as to provide them with a broader worldview.



Pride: We are proud to be a part of our student’s educational journey and their overall life experiences as they seek opportunities abroad.

Integrity: We are dedicated to conduct ourselves with excellence in every way. We maintain the utmost level of reliability and trust in our relationships with our students and partners.

Inspiration: We love what we are doing by providing the means and inspiration for those who wish to begin their educational journey.

Intelligence: We are committed to providing our students with professional quality counselling services in a friendly and welcoming environment


The Lion Academy of International Studies commits funding annually to schools in remote areas all over Thailand where education is still limited. We believe education is essential for everyone and it is a fundamental right, no matter an individual’s socio-economic condition. These funds will be used to help improve the quality of education, equipment, teaching materials, school’s facilities and most importantly, supporting the retention of quality teachers in the underrepresented regions.


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